The beginning of my Online Boutique

Posted by Kimberly Abeln-Schroeder on


I started researching how to start Elizabeth Bae Boutique months ago.  I am a very impulsive and impatient person sometimes so I tend to jump the gun and pray for the best! lol.  However, I knew this was something I had to take my time with.  I wanted to created a sustainable online boutique. Here are the first steps I took to start my online boutique:

1.) Apply for an LLC, also called a business license. ($155)

2.) Apply for an EIN (FREE)

3.) Apply for a Reseller's permit (Many wholesaler's require proof, normally just your permit number) in order to do business with them.  (FREE)

Those were the 3 basic steps I took before researching what type of selling platform I wanted to sell with.  I was looking into Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce.  I decided to go with Shopify because they were the easiest for me to work with.  I could literally put my boutique together in days.  So, if I can start Elizabeth Bae Boutique in a couple days (being very illiterate and unfamiliar with an e-commerce store), SO CAN YOU! It's also very affordable to set up your own Shopify store.  

Good luck,

Kim Schroeder, owner of Elizabeth Bae Boutique