Update: What I’ve learned so far!

Posted by Kimberly Abeln-Schroeder on

This has been quite the learning experience... 

Since I started Elizabeth Bae Boutique at the end of April, it’s been quite the learning experience. I love a challenge and being 39 weeks pregnant, it has helped me keep my mind off of my pregnancy and it allows me to focus on something else. My other kiddos help with that too 😊. 

Anywho... it’s been a month since I’ve started Elizabeth Bae Boutique! And let me tell you that I absolutely love it! The whole learning how to market and drive traffic to your site and Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest is SO INCREDIBLY interesting! I’ve learned sooo much! 

I currently have a Business Facebook page for my boutique: 


plus I have a VIP group for my awesome customers/followers who want to see my inventory/sales/discounts: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1658109750955068

check them out! You won’t be disappointed! I also have an Instagram business  account and a Pinterest business account, which I’m still learning about. I wanted to start learning Facebook marketing first and than I’d try the other ones. What I’ve learned from Facebook:

1.) Facebook Live is a MUST!! And guess what...I’ve only done it once! I am waiting for all my inventory to show up so I can start unboxing LIVE! You can gain a bigger organic following when Facebook Live is a top priority for you and your business!! 

2.) Facebook groups (even though some may say otherwise) are a great thing! Especially with me owning a boutique, I like that my customers can get special perks for following along with me and helping me grow my business. They get to see my NEW inventory before anyone else does and it allows them to shop the inventory before I put it on my site! 

3.) Facebook Business pages are nice to have. They may not be as affective as your group page right away, however, Facebook Ads are important to run when done correctly and a Facebook business page is a way to do that. 

4.) You want to post 1-3 times per day(not all at the same time) to keep current in peoples newsfeeds. 

5.) Facebook is looking for genuine interaction between you and the people who either follow you or who you are friends with. So with that being said...

“LIKE” your friends posts, “LOVE” your friends posts, and genuinely engage with your audience so you stay current. Comment on their photos, videos, etc. 

I still have a long ways to go as far as Facebook Live and reaching a bigger audience each day and driving traffic to my website, but it’s all a work in progress And I’m having a lot of fun learning about it! 

Thats all for now! 

Xoxo, Kim Schroeder, owner of Elizabeth Bae Boutique